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Visage Medical Aesthetics Regina Ltd. is a CAMACS (Canadian Association of Medical Spas and Aesthetic Surgeons) accredited training facility. We offer incredible training opportunities and the best technology where you will learn on the most advanced equipment in the industry.

We are proud to offer professional development days to enhance your skills with hands on experience while working with knowledgable professionals. View our courses available below.

Visage Medical Aesthetics Regina is Canadian Association of Medical Spas and Aesthetic Surgeons Accredited Training Facility
Visage Medical Aesthetics Regina is Canadian Association of Medical Spas and Aesthetic Surgeons Accredited Training Facility

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Visage Medical Aesthetics Regina is Canadian Association of Medical Spas and Aesthetic Surgeons Accredited Training Facility

Our Accredited Courses

Course Duration: Two weeks learning modules and two day practicum

Teacher: Holly Newson

Cost: $6700 + GST

• Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Physician, Nurse Practitioner or Dentist

The foundations Botox/Dysport training at Visage covers both the theoretical and practical sides of the most popular aesthetic procedures to get your career started in medical aesthetics. During the theoretical component you will learn in-depth the components of facial anatomy from the skeletal system, muscular, and vascular components and how to avoid complications and what to do if one were to occur. Along with this you will become more confident with client consultations, facial landmarking and correct product choice for each unique face. This course includes a theory portions as well as an opportunity to practice on live models in a small practicum setting which will aide you in becoming more confident and master the most common treatments that clinics offer.

You will learn in-depth the anatomy and physiology of all the structures of the face, product choice and potential adverse reactions(how to avoid and treat them). You will receive this all prior to commencement of the hands on portion. We will review the 6 most common procedures: 3 anti-wrinkle and 3 dermal filler treatments offered in most cosmetic clinics. We will discuss the safe injection zones and how to inject safely to minimize complications. Upon completion of the course you will be provided with a certification and a reference for future employment.


Course Duration: One day of one-on-one hands on training

Teacher: Holly Newson

Cost: $1999 + GST

• Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Physician or Dentist
• Proof of Completion for Intro to Botox/Dysport/Dermal Filler Course
• Minimum two years experience with injecting

You will gain experience performing advanced treatments in Botox and Dermal fillers during our clinical hands on training session. You will sit down with our lives models, go over medical history and consent forms and conduct a skin analysis while understanding what outcomes the model would like.

This course is offered exclusively to Doctors, Nurses and Dentists of certain provinces whom are currently practicing in injectables and are ready to expand their skillset. Conducted over two full training days, this blended learning experience will introduce you to advanced Botox and dermal filler techniques which will enhance and expand your expertise in injectables to make you and your clinic stand out. Proof of current injectable certification will be required.

Botox Areas:
• Massatters Injections with Botox for Jaw Sliming
• Platysmal Bands
• Daos
• Gummy Smile
• Jelly Roll
• Chin
• Décolleté

Filler Areas:
• Tear Trough
• Temples
• Liquid Nose Job
• Advanced Lip Injections
• Perioral Lines
• Correcting Acne Scars with Filler
• Jawline
• Chin
• Mental Crease
• Oral Commissures
• Peri Auricular Area
• Skin Boosters


Workshop Duration: One day

Teacher: Holly Newson

Cost: $1200 + GST

• Any level of completed training from beginner to advanced

Our team at Visage Medical Aesthetics is offering an experience to provide one on one support with our one day shadowing experience through expert opinion, lecturing, or for one on one in person shadowing. This unique opportunity is designed to fill the void between basic certification courses for neurotoxins and injectable fillers to finding a job with these skills. Many providers who are looking for a position have never actually done a full consultation or injected a client to correction on their own.

One of the best ways to further the injection education you have obtained is to shadow a provider in a working clinic where you can closely observe consultations and watch various cosmetic treatments and techniques using Botox and fillers for various aesthetic concerns.


Course Duration: 9 weeks

Cost: $6900 + GST, textbook included.

• High School Diploma or GED

At the Visage Medical Aesthetics Academy, our program is an eight week comprehensive theory plus one week in a small practicum setting with our experienced and competent instructors using top of the line, Health Canada approved devices. The theory is delivered through distance education which you can take while not having to quit your current job. Along with this you will be trained and supported in the business aspects of the industry to help give you specific and individualized guidance on how to start your promising career.

Our courses are made for everyone, whether you are just entering the field or have experience working in it already. Through our five star training programs, our school will teach you all of the medical aesthetics treatments that are popular today. Additionally, under the supervision of professional instructors, innovative treatments will be introduced to you. Utilize or top notch training and our stunning, experienced live models to be confident with your skills in a clean, friendly environment to have you confident and ready to start your journey in the medical aesthetics industry.

Upon successful completion of the theory and practicum you will receive certification to start working in:
– Dermaplaning
– Chemical Peels
– Microneedling
– Laser Hair Removal
– Photofacials
– Radiofrequency
– Skin Science and Skin Assessments


Course Duration: One week learning modules and one day practicum.

Teacher: Holly Newson

Cost: $1999 + GST

In the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) introductory course we will discuss the basic anatomy, nervous system and vascular structure of the face as well as cover the pertinent information including the mechanism of action, safety and efficacy issues, management and treatment of complications, dilution guidelines and more. You will become confident with blood draws and different injection techniques during our one day practicum training with treatment observation opportunities as well as hands on injection opportunities with live models. Our hands on practicum session also includes extraction, preparation and dosage management as well as injection techniques such as needle, cannula and micro-injection techniques.

Upon successful completion of the program you will receive a certification titled PRP Certified Practitioner.


Course Duration: One week learning modules and one day practicum

Teacher: Holly Newson

Cost: $600 + GST

Belkyra (deoxycholic acid) injections are used to contour and improve the appearance of submental fullness. You will learn in this program the ideal submental profile, the characteristics of submental fullness anyhow to customize this procedure to meet your clients aesthetic goals. Utilizing Allergan’s suggested process you will learn proper dosing and administration techniques. This includes evaluating and identifying the proper Belkyra client, following the pretreatment regimen, how to apply the treatment and markings grid, preparing syringes and selecting the correct product amount, performing Belkyra injections and following post-treatment recommendations.

Certificate of Belkyra course completion will be provided upon completion of course.


Course Duration: 9 weeks

Cost: $1500 + GST

• Physician, Dentist or Nurse Practitioner

What is a Medical Director?
Are you aspiring to hold the position of a Medical Director of a Spa or Aesthetics clinic? Have you ever thought about pursuing a career in Medical Aesthetics yourself? Today, Medical Directors are in high demand in this fascinating, growing field. The moment is now to enter during this expanding, profitable industry!

If you have ever thought about working in a setting where innovative and interesting aesthetic treatments are always accessible and patients are actually excited to be there. If so, you are a great candidate to be in this exciting field! We can provide you with everything you need to know to become a skilled and competent Medical Director.

A physician, or nurse practitioner who oversees an institute where they work is known was the Medical Director. This could take place at a med spa or a medical clinic. To ensure client safety, the Medical Directors role is to oversee policies, protocols, and evaluate patient’s files and medical histories.

A Medical Degree, prior experience in the practice of medicine, and a board certification to be practicing in the province where the services will be offered are the requirements for qualifications as a medical director. The hours and amount of time spent on the work itself are very flexible in this role. For someone who wants a more professional freedom but still wants to make a good living, this is a fantastic opportunity.

Who meets the qualifications to become a Medical Director?
A medical degree, being board certified, and prior work experience, as a Nurse Practitioner or Physician, are prerequisite for becoming Medical Directors. Experience in medical management is also crucial.

Salary of a Medical Director:
A Medical Director may earn a range of salaries that can range from about $20,000 to $91,000. The typical annual income is around $50,000. Your income will increase in direct proportion to your years of experience, clientele, and level of expertise. This is such a rewarding vocation that allows you greater flexibility and a more stress free work life.

Medical Director Programs:
Cosmetic medicine is an intriguing profession that is flourishing! You will receive all of the consent documents as well as legislation and guidelines for medical directorship, from our training. You will also receive information on complications regarding Botox and filler treatments as well as how to manage adverse events. One of the most crucial elements of an aesthetics clinic is a medical director, who ’s role is to be in charge of authorizing each new client requesting treatment. The number of solo injectors is on the rise, which makes medical directors even more in demand. For qualified practitioners, being a medical director will open many client, business and revenue avenues for you!

What will be covered in this course:

  • What is a cosmetic medical treatment?
  • What continuing Education is required to supervise medical aesthetic treatments?
  • Where and when medical aesthetics treatments can be performed
  • What are the most popular, medical aesthetic treatments being offered at med. spas in Canada?
  • Authorization of procedures to different delegation groups
  • Assessing the competence of delegation groups to perform procedures
  • The importance, functions definitions of consents
  • HIPPA in the medical aesthetics industry
  • Health history review, client records and how to approve them
  • Client consults, service and retails sales
  • Fee schedules
  • Business tips and tricks
  • How to take the necessary steps to prevent complications, assess, and how to manage them if they were to arise

Cost: $599 + GST

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OMG Holly, this is my fourth time getting my lips filled. All the previous times I swelled up and my lips looked like a porn star for two days. You are a miracle, I have zero swelling, nothing. I have been scared to fill my lips for years and you are the first one to do this with no issues afterwards. I am actually in shock because every other time I was a swollen mess. I had no idea it could be this easy! Love this!

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