What are dermal fillers made of? 

Dermal fillers are injectable products that are used to address a variety of skin concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines, volume loss, and scars. These fillers consist of a gel-like substance that is injected under the skin to restore volume and smooth out wrinkles. 

It’s important to note that dermal fillers should only be administered by a licensed and experienced medical professional. They should also be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure optimal safety and effectiveness.  

Why sunken cheeks are problems? 

Sunken cheeks can be a problem for many people, especially as they age. When the cheeks lose volume and become hollow, it can make the face look gaunt and tired, and can even make a person appear older than they are. Sunken cheeks can also create an unbalanced facial appearance and affect the overall symmetry of the face. 

There are several factors that can contribute to sunken cheeks, including genetics, weight loss, and the natural aging process. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen and elastin, which are the proteins that keep our skin firm and elastic. This leads to a loss of volume in the cheeks and other areas of the face.  

If you’re tired of dealing with sunken cheeks and a lack of definition in your face, dermal fillers may be the solution you’ve been looking for. At Visage Medical Aesthetics, our experienced team of professionals use only the highest quality dermal fillers to provide safe and effective treatments that are tailored to your unique needs and goals.

How dermal fillers can help? 

How Dermal Fillers Can Help Improve the Appearance of Sunken Cheeks

Dermal fillers are an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment that can help to restore volume to the cheeks and reduce the appearance of sunken cheeks. Sunken cheeks are a common concern for many people, especially as they age, and can be caused by a variety of factors including weight loss, genetics, and the natural aging process. 

Dermal fillers work by injecting a gel-like substance into the skin to add volume and restore a more youthful appearance. The most common type of filler used for sunken cheeks is hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, which are a natural substance found in the body that helps to hydrate and plump the skin. 

During the procedure, a trained injector will carefully inject the filler into the cheeks using a small needle or cannula. The treatment is relatively quick and painless, with most people experiencing only mild discomfort or a slight pinch during the injection. 

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How long do dermal fillers last? 

Once the filler is injected, it immediately begins to add volume to the cheeks, lifting and smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of sunken cheeks. The results are visible immediately and can last anywhere from 6 to 24 months, depending on the type of filler used and the individual’s body chemistry. 

One of the main benefits of dermal fillers for sunken cheeks is that they are a non-invasive and relatively low-risk treatment. Unlike surgical options, which require incisions and anesthesia, dermal fillers can be performed in a clinic or medical spa setting with minimal downtime. 

Dermal fillers are a good alternative to other solutions such as cosmetic surgery, and they can help you appear more youthful. 

This treatment can be a highly effective way to restore volume to sunken cheeks and achieve a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. However, it is important to work with a qualified and experienced injector to ensure safe and effective results.