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Facials and Dermaplaning Module & Skill Training

Facials and Dermaplaning Module & Skill Training

Introducing our facials and dermaplaning module at Visage. 

This module is divided into two sections:  Facials and dermaplaning. Each section consists of theory followed by a full day of hands-on practicum.

You will gain valuable knowledge and skills in the field of medical aesthetics. From understanding skin anatomy to learning advanced facial treatments, this module covers it all. The theory portion covers topics like skin analysis, facial anatomy, and client consultation.  The hands-on practice allows you to practice techniques such as facial cleansing, massage, and rejuvenation.

The dermaplaning will cover the principles and techniques of this manual exfoliation method.  You will learn how to safely and effectively remove dead skin cells and vellus hair using a surgical scalpel  Our instructors will teach you about skin preparation, proper blade handling, and the benefits of dermaplaning. Through the hands-on practice, you will gain confidence in performing this popular skincare treatment.  


1 week theory 1 day practical skill training.


$1000+ GST


Proof of grade 12

*Additional text book available upon request. Details apply.

Become a model at our training facility!

VMA is actively looking for models during practicums. Are you interested?

Certifications & Recognitions

These modules are certified by Visage Medical Aesthetics Regina and CAMACS. 

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Anna & Holly were awesome. Great customer service & so friendly. Dermaplanning was a success. Definitely recommend Visage😊

Tracy Baron